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Opalpros 60 pcs 14 Mil mylar bags for food storage

Opalpros 60 pcs 14 Mil mylar bags for food storage

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Opalpros' mylar bags, made from premium, BPA-free food-grade material, are the perfect solution for your health concerns. These resealable bags feature three extra layers - PET, aluminum foil, and PE - designed for superior protection against oxygen, light, bugs, and moisture. This ensures the contents stay in their original condition for extended periods



Opalpros mylar storage bags are the perfect solution for keeping your food and other items fresh for longer periods.


These bags are available in three different sizes to meet your specific needs: 5-gallon (10 pieces), 1-gallon (20 pieces), and 1-quart (30 pieces).

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About this item

♻ BPA-FREE BAGS: Opalpros mylar food storage bags with oxygen absorbers are the right solution for all of your health-related concerns because they are made of premium, BPA-free food-grade material! The three layers of PET, aluminium foil, and PE in these 14 mil Mylar food bags, are designed to provide maximum protection against oxygen, light, insects, and moisture while preserving the stored contents in their original state for a longer time period.

♻ PREMIUM QUALITY: These Mylar bags are an ideal option for preserving & storing various items due to their superior zipper that guarantees a tight seal, effectively preventing air & moisture infiltration. Additionally, they feature a convenient stand-up design that keeps Quart & 1 Gallon Bags upright, round edges to prevent snagging or tearing, & a user-friendly U-shaped notch for easy opening. To top it off, they are pinhole-resistant, making them less prone to punctures or tears while in use.

♻ 3 BAG SIZES WITH 3 OXYGEN ABSORBER TYPES: Opalpros understands the significance of proper storage in extending the shelf life of your food items, therefore we offer Mylar Storage Bags in three varying sizes with their corresponding Oxygen Absorber (OA): 2500cc for 17x26 5 Gallon Mylar bags (10 pcs), 500cc for 10x14 1 Gallon Mylar bags (20 pcs), and 300cc for 7x10 1 Quart Mylar Bags (30 pcs). The OA are packed separately in labeled packages & should be kept in a sealed container after opening.

♻ RESEALABLE AND USER-FRIENDLY: Our Eco-Friendly mylar bags for storage are dual sealable, which means they have a strong self-sealing strip and heat seal feature that can be done using a hair straightener or vacuum sealer, and hot iron so there is no chance of contamination. Simply place the corresponding OA in the bag with the food item and seal it as per your preference. It should be noted that oxygen absorbers only absorb oxygen, and oxygen makes up only 21% of the air volume.

♻ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: These multipurpose mylar bags with oxygen absorbers comes with 70 colorful labels and can be used for a variety of items like dried fruits, cereals, cookies, pet food, chocolates, spices, and frozen food. Opalpros offers prompt assistance and a hassle-free return and exchange policy to ensure that our customers have a risk-free and unambiguous experience. Order right away and put an end to the shoddy, thin, and flimsy ziplock mylar packs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bag safe for storing food items?

Yes, the bags are made from food-grade material which makes them safe for storing food items

How many times can these bags be resealed?

The bags are designed to be resealed multiple times. However, their longevity will depend on the usage and handling

Can these bags stand upright on their own when filled?

Yes, the bags are designed to stand upright when filled for easy storage and use. However, 5 Gallon bags are non-gusset

Can I heat seal these storage bags for an extra level of protection?

Yes, you can heat seal these bags if you want to ensure a long-term, airtight storage solution. You can do this using a hair straightener or a heat sealer

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